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Before finalizing your decision upon hiring a self-storage facility to store your extra belongings, you should ask some important questions from the unit’s operator which will help you to make a valuable decision.

It is strongly recommended that you will get all the required information which is necessary to summarize your decision. The following mentioned questions should be asked so as to decide which self-storage facility center is best for you. There are plenty of self-storage facilities like, Middletown, NY self-storage available in the market to choose from according to your needs and sizes of goods being stored. You should ask the right questions.

Are there any hidden costs in the services of the unit? To avoid any unhappy surprises it is strongly recommended that you discuss with the storage company about all the costs they will be charging from you. Sometimes, a self-storage facility will charge you a cost under the name of cleaning, security, and administration cost in the first month which can end up doubling your first payment. Another important element that you need to confirm is that how much you will charge in case you will cancel your membership. Different storage systems have rules like; if you will cancel to deed before the time then you will have to pay a certain amount so it is recommended that before signing a contract you confirm everything. 

What about the accessibility to the self-storage unit? Another factor you need to consider is the facility to approach the storage unit. It is very important that the storage facility where you can store your stuff is conveniently accessible and there is nothing which can make you frustrating particularly if you are paying rent on hourly bases, then you will end up paying a lot of cash. Furthermore, you need to confirm that you can visit your self-storage unit at any time whenever you want to visit to make sure that your belongings are well taken care of.

What about the security features provided by the company? It is also very important to confirm that the company has the right security measurements so that your stuff will be taken care of. It is wise to choose the facility which offers the best kind of security measures so that you have nothing to regret in the future.  Also, make sure that your unit has a tampered proof locking procedure. You should also confirm that the alarm system is installed on individual doors for every single storage unit. The availability of disc locks is the best option. It is also good if the self-storage facility has video surveillance, security alarms, and fire alarms if there is any security issue.

Is there any solid roof over the self-storage facility? Inspect the structure of the storage unit thoroughly before finalizing everything. You need to make sure that your storage unit has four solid walls and one strong and leak-proof roof to maximize the security. There is no settlement for wire mesh roof at all.

What are the available storage sizes? You will have to confirm that the storage facility you choose has a variety of storage space options to choose from wisely and accordingly. Why will you pay more for the area you don’t need or overstuff a particular unit? Also, make sure that you have packed all the stuff in the correct way so that you can consume the space correctly.

Do I need insurance? Insuring your stuff is a very good idea even for a certain period of time. It will also give you peace of mind that everything will be covered in case of any mishap. You can either get your good insured by yourself or avail the services of the self-storage company in this regard.

Do self-storage facilities help you to shift your stuff? It means that whether you have to shift your stuff on your own or the self-storage facility offers you to rent out a truck to support you to move the stuff. They can either offer free of cost services or charged for it.

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For working momma and poppa, we have a dog daycare for you in case you don’t want to leave your pets alone and on their own at home. It’s like a children’s daycare center when we can have lots and lots of fun and excitement while you are gone. We’ll ensure that they are well kept, taking proper sustenance, and well-hydrated. We’ll take care of them as if they are our own. 


For prolonged absence, we have that covered for you too. We have a doggy hotel for them to stay in. It has all the amenities they’d ever need including regular vet care from our in-house veterinarian and regular exercises from our staff. We’ll definitely walk them out regularly to keep them healthy and fit. Plus, we’ll also monitor their medicines and vitamins if they have any, or facilitate their shots if need be. We guarantee you, at the end of your trip, your pets will be stronger than ever. We even accommodate your call 24/7 to check on them. We know how it is to worry about our pet babies, so we are ensuring that you can reach us anytime you wish. 


Db4wildaid just recently launched its Dog Academy. It is still located on a spacious property in Chandler with a garage door courtesy of A1 Garage Door Service Chandler. We train your dogs there for you. We teach them how to respond to commands and how to defend their owners if the situation calls. We also prepare them for dog shows, if you are fond of entering them. We keep their bones healthy and strong through regular routines. We have a pet owner-pet course here in which, we teach both of you to be sync with each other. After this, you and your dog will be closer than ever. 


Pet food and their other needs? Don’t worry, you can shop it here with us. We provide you different types of pet food for all types of pet diet. We also have those organic treats you’d want them to try. These are among the favorite these days because they are packed with vitamins and minerals that are great sustenance for them every day. They are also made with fresh and organic ingredients that will never be harmful to them, you can throw away now that chemical-infused snacks that may be harmful to them and start with a nice and healthy diet. 


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