About Us 

Doggie’s Best 4 Wild Aid or Db4wildaid a pet company hoping to give the best care to pet and pet owners. Established by pet lovers Mitch and Stacy Winslet, it started providing good service 12 years ago.  


The drive to establish this business venture came one day when upon arriving from a prolonged trip in Southeast Asia, they saw Manchette, their teacup poodle and first baby malnourished in his little kennel. When they tried to approach their baby, it started whining as if it was somehow hurt and scared of people. They believed that they have been cheated of the pet care they deserve. Since then, they see to it that everything that has to do with their pet’s care is done by them. From the grooming,  


People started asking them to babysit their pets whenever necessary. Some of which even insisting to pay them for their service. Since Stacy was a full-time housewife and working as a freelance writer, she had many hours in her hands, and because she was very obsessed with everything related to dogs, she was more than accommodating. Dogs loved her and she loved them back. She was even great in teaching them tricks on her free-time. Her ability to tame the scariest, biggest and largest dogs also earned her the title ‘dog whisperer’ in Milwaukee. 


It was her mother who prompted her to start a pet company. Her greatest supporter was her husband. They started small, only Stacy and her vet brother manning the store. When the demand increased, they were forced to hire additional hands. But the ensure that all the help they will get will consider the welfare of the pets above them. 


Although they were mainly focused on giving the best care for the pets, they also managed to create pet-friendly products that pet owners love. To date, Db4wildaid is the most-sought-after pet company in Milwaukee,