Db4wildaid hopes to get you more acquainted with our products and services. As such, we have recently included this frequently asked questions page on our site for your guidance. You can email us if your questions are not answered here. Find our contact details on the contact page of this site. We’ll be waiting! 


Does Db4wildaid provide home service? 


Yes, we do. We understand that not everyone has the time to bring their pets to our store. To give you better customer service, we can fetch them from your home if you want us to keep them while you are away. We also provide vaccinations and vet service in the comfort of your homes. For grooming, however, it pays to have them done in our store due to the presence of better facilities there that can cater to their needs. But like what we have said, we can pick your pets up for grooming and spa service and take them back afterwards. 


How long can I leave my pet behind for my out of the country trip? What are the services you provide while they are housed with you? 


You can leave them as long as you want. Rest assured that we are the best people to care for your furry babies. We’ll care for their food, grooming, and keep them hydrated. We’ll give them their needed vitamins and medicines as needed. Also, we will ensure that they undergo the needed exercise to keep them fit and healthy until you return.  


Do you accept grooming for any types of dogs? 


Yes, we do. That is our dedication to our valued customers. Whether it os spa treatment or grooming, we never leave anyone behind. We provide them the best service they deserve. Moreover, we do not send any pets away no matter how dangerous they may seem as long as owning them is not against the federal law.