Still in doubt of what quality pet care we can give your furry babies? Then check out the feedbacks left by our valued customers. 


“I was hesitant to leave my German Shepherd behind to Db4wildaid. Unfortunately, I had no choice. I have to leave for a business trip in Greece where my office-sponsored hotel cannot accommodate him. It was too late to look for another accommodation due to the peak season and all, and my partner then was also away in Spain. Usually, my brother takes care of him whenever we are away, but since his wife just gave birth to twins, he also has a lot on his plate.  


So I was forced to leave him at a stranger’s care. Imagine my surprise when just a smile, my dog Ginger immediately approached Stacy for a rub. Ginger is not usually very friendly to people. Even my family is a little wary around him. So this was really a rare scenario. Long story short, I went back after 2 weeks. I picked up Ginger and saw how shiny her coat looked like. She looked very healthy and very fine as well. She even learned how to sit when commanded. To say that I was happy to have this company’s service is an understatement. They have now become my next favorite people in the world.”  


-Meredith, owner of Ginger 


“What I specifically love about this store is that they anticipate the needs of not only the pets but the pet-owners as well. I was very much surprised they have purely organic treats here. Plus, they come at very affordable prices. They made it themselves with the use of the finest and freshest ingredients. This assured me that my dogs are always safe and healthy.” 


-Arnold, doggy trainer